Jeremy is a trusted friend and compassionate leader. I am confident in his ability to walk with people in their relational journeys to help bring insight, hope, and individual and relational restoration. His humor and ease are disarming and create a safe place to process and heal the broken bits we all have.

– Suz Born, Pastor


Jeremy is one of those rare individuals who creates an atmosphere of relate-ability, social and emotional intelligence, and self awareness as he coaches you. I have watched so many people he has connected to make huge decisions in life in a more empowered way after being with him. Jeremy is a before and after person, you won’t remember life before he started coaching you.

– Shawn Bolz


Author of TranslatIng God, God Secrets

Host of the Exploring the Prophetic Podcast


A “swipe right” on Jeremy’s coaching is one of the best choices you could make towards healthy and meaningful relationships.

– Ryan Sprenger, entrepreneur


One of the most valuable components I’ve experienced in my coaching sessions with Jeremy is his ability to articulate the subconscious drives, fears, and habits that I’ve felt stuck in for years. If you’re looking for someone to give you language, practical tools, and the acceptance you need to feel to transform in your life… Look no further.

– Colin Benward, real estate Agent and meditation coach


Jeremy has a certain vision that is able to decode the roots of our problems. Like a surgeon, he is able to locate the source of trouble with quick precision and remedy it.  I don’t suffer a problem without taking it to him first. He possesses an uncanny sense of the true nature of a problem.

– Christopher Wolfe, Actor


I saw Jeremy for some life coaching and he walked me through each concern one step at time, helping me address where positive change needed to occur. I left feeling light and motivated to apply the positive changes he bestowed upon me in my life.  I’ve seen tremendous growth in my own life after receiving his guidance and I couldn’t be more thankful.

– Andrea Zamora, Actor